Building climate resiliency


We support meaningful, local climate-related learning experiences and career-connected education pathways to help future generations care for and sustain our world.

We are on a mission to ensure the next generation is equipped with the agency, knowledge and skills needed to address the impacts of climate change and to foster a resilient future for themselves and their communities.

Our Strategy

Working with the education sector and connecting with industry and policy partners, we break down silos and encourage collaboration to enhance climate education and youth leadership opportunities.


We work towards a shared understanding of climate literacy and green skills, aligning policies across Colorado to support and encourage climate education and pathways to green careers.

Learning Experiences

We expand access to formal and informal climate-related education experiences for all young people.

Climate-related Pathways

With a focus on rural communities, we support collaboratives of K-12 school districts, higher education and industry to create pathways that help students explore and access high-quality green careers.

Youth Leadership

We empower youth – to grow their agency around the climate crisis, to lead the shaping of the Climatarium model, and to connect with other passionate young people.

The Challenge

2023 is shaping up to be the hottest year in recorded history, with Colorado experiencing the repercussions of climate change — a warmed state, decreased snowpack in the Southern Rockies, and devastating forest fires. The call for urgent and united action is more critical than ever.

  • A majority of Colorado has warmed 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit in the last century.
  • 50% of the snowpack in the Southern Rockies will decrease this century.
  • 625,000 acres burned in the 2020 forest fires.

Our Vision

In response, Climatarium is on a mission to transform Colorado into a beacon of community-driven climate education in the next five years. We’re focused on supporting young people with:

  • Deep understanding of the climate crisis
  • Optimism and agency to constructively address climate impacts
  • Transferrable green skills for a sustainable future
  • Diverse career pathways both within and outside traditional environmental sectors
  • Community connectivity with fellow young leaders eager to foster a resilient Colorado

Our Reach and Impact

The Climatarium’s initiative, deeply rooted in community collaboration, is already making waves.


Climatarium rural collaboratives/hubs


Institutes of higher education


Rural K-12 school districts


Industry and community partner

Through this network, we have showcased what’s possible when diverse partners unify to address significant challenges. This ecosystem supports a range of green job pathways, including in energy, agriculture, and outdoor tourism sectors.

These offerings have the potential to impact 15,000+ middle and high school students across five hubs. While celebrating local successes, we recognize the need for broader, statewide strategies.

Discover the Climatarium hubs

Climatarium hubs throughout rural Colorado are driving education, climate resilience, and economic prosperity.

Explore the bright spots of rural collaboration championed by Climatarium, fostering education and economic prosperity in rural Colorado since 2019. Each hub is a testament to the power of community, promoting climate-career-connected learning, and bringing forward innovative solutions to climate challenges.

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Lyra’s Role Accelerating Climate Education

Lyra's Role


We identify and connect potential partners and bring youth together. 


We facilitate visioning and support partners in learning across contexts. 

Build Capacity.

We offer technical support and coaching on areas such as governance, sustainability, and coalition building.  


We advance the policy conditions at a district and state level necessary for climate education and action to be celebrated.


We work to ensure rural regions can bring their ideas to life by connecting them to critical funds and partners.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Through our experiential learning work, we create high-quality learning opportunities through collaborations with rural education collaboratives, nonprofits, higher education institutions, and the private sector. Our work seeks to ensure Colorado’s youth have hands-on education and leadership experiences focused on climate resiliency.

Core values of our experiential learning work include:

  • Quality standards for experiential learning
  • Accessibility of opportunities to learn
  • Embedding service learning as a component of K-12 education
  • Leveraging the capacity and resources already within a community
  • Innovative collaborations

Environment Climate Institute (ECI)

Experiential Learning Spotlight:

ECI supports high school youth as they find their passions, explore their regional environment, and learn from real-world business leaders and activists.

Established in August 2020 by Lyra Colorado and Fort Lewis College, ECI nurtures high school students’ academic exploration, career readiness, and leadership development interested in Colorado’s environmental and climate issues. Based at Fort Lewis College each summer, ECI combines real-world learning opportunities, including mobile labs and outdoor field trips, to cultivate changemakers in environmental stewardship.

Discover the opportunities ECI offers, now a partnership between the Southwest Colorado Education Collaborative and Fort Lewis College, supported by Lyra.

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Climatarium News

Lyra Celebrates the Passage of the Seal of Climate Literacy Diploma Endorsement in Colorado

Lyra Celebrates the Passage of the Seal of Climate Literacy Diploma Endorsement in Colorado

May 23, 2024

Lyra was a driving force behind the Seal of Climate Literacy diploma endorsement legislation in Colorado

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Lyra selected for Phase II of Jobs for the Future’s Quality Green Jobs learning challenge cohort

Lyra selected for Phase II of Jobs for the Future’s Quality Green Jobs learning challenge cohort

January 16, 2024

Lyra has advanced to the second round in a competitive national challenge, led by the nonprofit Jobs for the Future. Our efforts during this phase will focus on creating relevant resources and toolkits for integrating high-demand green skills into existing and emerging career pathways for K-12 students.

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Yampa Valley education leaders highlighted at national “Unlocking Pathways” summit

Yampa Valley education leaders highlighted at national “Unlocking Pathways” summit

August 14, 2023

Lyra was thrilled to facilitate the opening plenary at the “Unlocking Pathways Summit” hosted by the Community College of Aurora.

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